Robot iCub

In robotics science, the experimentation is touching very high levels. It is really of these days the news of the presence, in a Japanese restaurant, of robots that prepare dishes in substitution of the human chefs. Everyone can remember, in an old film, Alberto Sordi’s houseservant-robot that rebels to his master.

However, only few people know that in the realization of a robot, also humanoid type, a fundamental part is taken by a firm of Serravalle Scrivia and precisely by the Firpo Giuseppe & C. S.r.l. Electrical Plants. Anywhere there is electric current there is the Firpo S.r.l., excellence of the novese industry that has been able, in these years, to bring the technology in the sector of the electric plants to high peaks.

“The developed applications – explains Giuseppe Firpo, owner of the firm situated in the industrial zone of Serravalle – space from the transforming stations of electrical energy distributed in medium tension from the national net manager, to distribution electric boards in low tension, to machine board and equipment wiring, and to automation and control systems of that machines in the various industrial workmanships “.

Using avant-garde technologies and highly specialized personnel the Firpo Giuseppe Srl is able to offer a complete range of services in the industrial plant. Known all over the world, today this firm also collaborates with the Italian institute of technology (Iit) of Genoa. “The collaboration – Firpo continues – with the IIT was born some years ago because my firm was already known in the Genoa’s area.


When the production of the first series of humanoid-robot called “RobotCub” has started, we have been selected to give a contribution to the activity of miniaturized wiring.” Therefore, we are speaking of humanoid robots to the ambit of a project financed by the Ue which has as objective study the system of the human knowledge through the realization of robot with the aspect of a child. ” The “RobotCub” project – Firpo underlines – is founded on the realization of a robot prototype with physical appearance of a three year-old child and endowed with learning ability. This robot uses for its movements electric motor, sensors and innovative actuators; our activity is finalized to the practical realization of wiring and electric interconnections of all humanoid components. Such assignment is extremely complex because of the miniaturization of the components and the elevated number of sensors and actuators to connect.”

Firpo adds: “Our collaboration with the engineers and the researchers of the IIT centre, who have planned the robot under the guide of Prof. Sandini, has taken to the realization of different complete and working unities, thanks to the job of our more qualified technicians.” “From my visits to IIT – Firpo Continue – I develop the conviction that this humanoid robot represents a big progress for research. In fact, it realizes a synthesis between multiple disciplines/subjects: mechanics, electrical, controls, nanotechnologies and neuroscience. During its projectual way, it will acquire abilities that will render it more similar to the human being”.

This means that “RobotCub” in future will be able to learn as a child? “The objective is really this – Firpo explains – supply an “open” platform to the various European search centers so that from this collaboration could start up one of the advanced system endowed artificial intelligence which is able to learning by the experience”. But it is not all. In these days, the Firpo S.r.l has sent in Qatar some robots, this time of industrial type, for the construction of a new naval fleet for the transport of natural gas. “The robots sent in Qatar – Firpo says – will be used in order to weld the structural elements of the ships that will be used to construct the hull”.