Technical Office

The technical office not only designs electric plants but also works in the complex field of plant equipment and machine inspections related to electric safety and environmental electromagnetic compatibility. FIRPO S.r.l. is equipped with state-of-the art, sophisticated devices to undertake all tests needed to confirm compliance with increasingly stricter electric safety and environmental electromagnetic compatibility of electric plants and machines.

The company’s Technical Office performs the following activities:

  • electric plant projects
  • safety and tecnological plant projects (Fire detection, Emergency lighting, public address for evacuation, burglar alarm, ccTV)
  • equipment inspection to confirm plant compliance with national and international technical regulations
  • equipment inspection to confirm boards and machine compliance with national and international technical regulations
  • equipment testing for the electromagnetic mapping of operator area and inhabited areas around possible sources of electromagnetic fields, for emission frequencies from 5Hz to 18 GHz, according to legislative decree 81/08
  • network analysis with graphic and numeric registration of all the electric parameters of the electric system, with a harmonic analysis up to the 50th, and analysis of network disturbances (flicker, spike, loss of voltage, micro interruptions)
  • phonometric measurements according to Decree 81/08
  • luminous intensity measurements according to applicable technical regulations
  • issuing of necessary technical documents in case of inspections undertaken by authorities
  • classification of dangerous areas according to the risk of explosion, carried out by our technicians while fully respecting the recent ATEX Norms in order to draw up the necessary documents, to verify the suitability of present plants and to develop and design new plants or adaptations
  • formation and information of personnel regarding problems related to classification, legislative and normative evolution and the competences and responsibilities of the different professional figures involved; drawing up the document regarding protection from risk of explosion, according to Decree 81/08
  • Training of electrical operators for the attribution of PES and PAV (Experienced Person and Instructed Person) qualification in accordance with CEI 11-27
  • Execution of periodic inspections and maintenance of Electric and safety installations in accordance with Decree 81/08

The company can therefore issue all the necessary documents, not only to verify the safety of the plants, but also to certify the general status of the installation points in terms of safety regulations at work and at home.