Transformation – Distribution of electric energy in industrial plants


The transforming stations supplied by FIRPO S.r.l. are designed according to the user’s needs: pre-assembled cement units, open stations, stations with modular units for indoors or outdoors use, with gas-isolated fuses or switches.

The company can therefore meet the basic needs of each client, such as:

  • PERSONNEL SAFETY ensured by complying with the strictest technical and official norms.
  • MAXIMUM SERVICE CONTINUITY ensured by the reliability of chosen materials and adopted technical solutions, able to allow maintenance operations with no need of completely interrupting the service.
  • SMALL SIZES obtained by adopting separated compartments to allow installation in small areas.


Low-voltage distribution boards are designed and built according to the most modern engineering techniques, and are highly standardized in order to ensure safe expansibility and flexibility, remarkable competence and the possibility to undertake different levels of segregation as needed, so as to obtain high service continuity and easy and economic maintenance operations. All this while respecting current norms.


These are dimensioned and built by identifying the client’s actual needs and trying to predict possible evolution, in order to use the most suitable solutions: Blindosbarra, Blindoventilati, fairleads, hollow conductors.


Thanks to the large number of technicians working for FIRPO S.r.l., the company is capable of ensuring qualified maintenance and assistance services in a continuous and immediate manner, either under a flat fee contract or in on-call mode, for the entire range of plants it works with.